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ADiBha ...Redefining Uniqueness and Tradition

A land of variety in every sense, India has so much to offer,  it might just take you by surprise. Incredible India is the mines of culture ,hand looms and handicrafts. An essential part of our culture,  traditions, customs and festivals is the attire of the people. What’s best the best and easiest way to wear that pride on you. Your choice of homegrown style thus leaves a larger impact than you can imagine and put you into a role of influencer and not just a consumer. ADiBha, has initiated an unique collection directly from weavers to magnify their talent in national and international market. ADiBha, aims to generate a valuable livelihood for the true artisans and weavers’ community of Odisha, India and make them feel proud and confident about their art, craft, tradition and their profession. It is effortlessly trying to ensure that Indian art and craft does not die with time and is being transferred from generation to generation. It designs/revives/markets the most beautiful and uniquely made hand-crafted and hand-woven sustainable fashion from parts of Odisha to the customers and give them a space to think, understand, value, adopt and retain the art, culture and tradition by supporting and sustaining a life, a family, a village and a livelihood. Tie-dye Sambalpuri Ikat glorifies the personality, dignity ,impression ,nature and so on so forth...

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