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Purity of unstitched cloths...

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

I call it six yards of elegance, an unstitched fabric retaining it's purity and innocence.

Just like the vastness of Indian culture, food, festivals, draping of a saree in India differs from region to region whereby each state/community has its own way of draping their heirloom pieces. And the modern woman of India doesn't fear to experiment with it's six yards. And a drape can entirely change the look of your saree.

The saying, ‘You can never go wrong with a saree’ makes it clear that a saree is suitable for any event you can think of.It all depends on how you drape it.I find saree is the most versatile piece of cloth and so fluid that you can carry it the way you want to...

Style is a part of one’s personality and is heavily influenced by the life lived and hopefully not so much by the ever-changing-trends.

It’s time to move from the conventional draping style and follow different draping techniques for your next saree.

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